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A Wickedly Awesome Collaboration!

It all started at Christmas. We did an instagram giveaway and one of the entrants and eventual winners was Amberly Rose. She is an amazing young woman that does boudoir photography though I was unaware of that at the time. I dropped off her prize and due to covid-19 we decided that I could just leave it on the doorstep so we had no face to face interaction. Fast forward a bit and she discovered that the body butter worked really well on her fresh tattoo where several other products had failed. As someone with tattoos I understood the magnitude of the praise and I am super proud of my product! She wanted to offer our products as part of her Wicked Rose Boudoir photo packages and wanted to design a custom scent! So exciting but also terrifying for me! My first custom scent for my first client! We worked out the details via text message. Bourbon and Black cherry, I was intrigued. During all of this I was also gearing up for Valentine's day. Picking out what products would be offered, what fragrances I would need. so two projects at the same time, with approximately the same deadline.

The fragrances arrived and we scheduled a time to meet up, in the meantime i put together some base scents for her to choose from and brought a selection of "spicy" essential oils as I personally thought the mix too sweet. She agreed and we set to work finding the perfect combination.

The resulting fragrance was sweet and sultry perfect for her sexy, body positive business.

Amberly was a dream to work with and as a double bonus she took some photo's of our products and gave me permission to use them. Make sure to check her out on Facebook.

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