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Shopping Local at The Co's

You can't get more home grown than The Co's Farmers Market in Louise, Texas.

With a population of 963, Louise is classic Small Town, USA. Yield signs instead of stop signs. Stop lights? What are those?

While it is small it is mighty, the locals are a powerhouse of generosity and kindness.

The brainchild of Amanda Cox and Michelle Roddy; The Co's merged Unico, a furniture restoration and interior design company with Blooming Canning Company pluralizing The Company's and creating a unique space like no other.

Amanda and Michelle

Their location was a church that had been repurposed into a local version of Blockbuster, the only place to rent movies without having to drive half an hour or more.

They renovated the location themselves with the help of friends and neighbors, checkout the before and afters!

While this is amazing in and of itself the concept of the business is out of this world! An indoor space for vendors that would normally only be able to set up and craft fairs in the South Texas heat. Their vendors include local artisans that make everything from potholders to cutting boards, soaps to dog treats. Of course, they still sell their canned goods and home baked goodies.

They also boast a coffee bar and packaged foods made locally that you can grab and go for a quick lunch.

We were lucky enough to get a spot for our products at the Co's and having a wonderful spot in a beautiful store has meant the world to our business.

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